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Boost, 8 oz., Chocolate

Boost, 8 oz., Chocolate

  • $11.99

Get a premium oral adult nutrition supplement for less when you order chocolate-flavored Nestle's Boost in the economical 24-count case from Cheap Chux. Each case contains 24 single-serve 8-ounce cartons in Nestle's "rich chocolate" flavor. Boost adult nutrition drinks are lactose-free, gluten-free and certified kosher for those on restricted diets. Each serving of Boost by Nestle has 26 vitamins and minerals, including antioxidants selenium, vitamins C and E plus beta carotene to help support a healthy immune system.

CalciLock is Nestle's trademarked blend of nutrients added to each single-serve carton of Boost to help support bone health. Use this drink as a light meal replacement or healthy snack. We also carry vanilla- and strawberry-flavored Boost for adult nutrition. Save time on re-ordering when you subscribe to our delivery service that will deliver a case or cases of Boost to your door on your scheduled dates. Cancel the subscription delivery service at any time.

Brand Boost

Manufacturer Nestle Healthcare Nutrition

Application Oral Supplement

Calories Per Serving 240 Calories

Container Size 8 oz. 24 Per Case

Flavor Rich Chocolate

Preparation Ready-To-Use

User Adult


26 vitamins and minerals

Antioxidants (selenium, vitamins C & E and beta carotene) to help support a healthy immune system

Contains CalciLock blend of essential nutrients to help support bone health

Item# Package Quantity Price Per Pack
00043900169729 1 Bottle $11.99
00043900169729 Bundle of 6 Bottles $17.99
00043900169729 Bundle of 12 Bottles $24.99
00043900169729 1 Case of 24 Bottles

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