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Boost Glucose Control, 8 oz., Chocolate

  • $53.99

Our economical prices on Boost Glucose Control drinks will help you stay in control of your diabetes without breaking your budget. This 27-count case of 8-ounce chocolate Boost Glucose Control drinks in no-glass-bottle brik packs have fewer carbs than other brands. The 1 Carb Choice per 8 fluid ounce single-serve carton is half the 2 carb choices in a Glucerna brand bottle, which makes Boost Glucose Control the go-to choice for controlling carbohydrate intake. The delicious chocolate flavor helps curb your sweet tooth when on a low-carb diet.

With  just 190 calories and 16 grams of protein, manage your hunger with Nestle's Boost Glucose Control as a ready-to-serve snack or light meal. This adult oral supplement is good for lactose-intolerant consumers and those on a gluten-free, kosher, carbohydrate-restricted or cholesterol-restricted diet. Diabetics find it easy to keep these drinks on hand with our subscription service to schedule weekly, biweekly, monthly or three month delivery. Cancel your subscription at any time. We also carry Boost Glucose control drinks by the case in strawberry and vanilla.


Great for people with diabetes.

Contains a unique blend of carbohydrates designed to help manage blood glucose levels.

BOOST Glucose Control has been formulated as both a meal replacement and a light snack.

The meal replacement comes in a convenient brik pak.

Adult Oral Supplement


Chocolate Flavored

27 8 oz. brick packs per case

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