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Skin Care Product Guide

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Skin Care Product Guide

Whether you’re a caregiver buying skin care products for your department or an individual seeking new ways to improve the health of your skin while using incontinence products or other disposable garments, choosing the appropriate skin care products is essential to avoiding discomfort, rashes, infections and more. Cheap Chux has a huge selection of moisturizing, cleansing and restorative skin treatment remedies to keep you comfortable and fresh. We carry skin care products by Thera, Hollister, McKesson, 3M and more for the best treatment.

Different Types of Skin Care Products

Use this handy definition guide to determine which type of skin care product is best-suited for your specific needs.

  • Barrier Cream — Barrier cream is a type of ointment that is useful for those who wear reusable or disposable incontinence garments. It provides a protective barrier to keep your skin safe from excess moisture and bacteria and helps heal damaged skin quickly. These products are especially useful in situations of skin breakdown and extreme sensitivity.
  • Skin Protectants — Much like barrier creams, skin protectants add a layer of protection against moisture and other skin irritants. These products typically come in creams or lotions (thinner and easier to spread than barrier cream, which is often an ointment-type formula) and keep skin healthy when using incontinence products, feeding tubes, surgery recovery garments and more.
  • Skin Care Wipes — Skin care wipes are essential for caregivers and individuals dealing with adult diapers and briefs. They make changing more hygienic with features such as single-hand dispensing. Unlike regular bath tissues, these wipes cleanse skin thoroughly without the need for a bath and clean away bacteria and foreign substances that can cause irritation and infection.
  • Antifungal Products — Antifungal skin care products are uniquely designed to target common fungal infections, including athlete’s foot, jock itch, ringworm and more. They come in creams, ointments and powders which contain active ingredients that work to reduce redness, irritation, scaling, itching, discomfort and burning.
  • Antimicrobial Products — Antimicrobial products are simple, healthy cleansers that are designed primarily for cleaning away substances that could turn into bacterial growth and cause irritation and infections. Essential for those dealing with incontinence, antimicrobial products target bacteria caused by urine and feces. You can purchase antimicrobial cleanser, spray and ointment. 
  • Cleansing Products — Integrating gentle yet effective cleansing products, such as cleansing spray and gel, helps make keeping clean easier for individuals and caregivers. These products provide a deep, thorough cleanse of the skin and hare while removing bacteria in-between baths. They are often designed for easy cleanup and mess-free use.
  • Skin Care Powders — Skin care powders are a great way to get relief from itching, redness, cracking, soreness and irritation. Additionally, they’re designed for moisture-reduction, so they effectively help prevent bacterial buildup that can cause fungal ailments. We have powders for treating superficial skin infections as well as diaper rash caused by incontinence products.
  • Wound Care Products — These products are exclusively designed to treat wounds and sores. They come in a variety of options, including ointments, gels and sprays to eliminate irritation and pain without exacerbating skin breakdown. They may be used to treat burns, cuts, abrasions and skin irritation caused by adult diapers and feeding tubes.

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