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Pull Up Underwear vs Adult Diapers

Posted by Courtney Sant on

The Best Incontinence Products for Your Specific Needs

Pull-up underwear and adult diapers are two of the most popular types of incontinence products, but it can be difficult to know which style is appropriate for your unique needs. Both styles have their own unique advantages and disadvantages, and this guide will help you determine which option is best suited for your comfort level and personal preferences. Both of these types of products are designed for varying levels of absorbency and comfort to suit a wide range of absorbency needs.

Pull-Up Underwear vs. Adult Diapers

Cheap Chux can help you decide whether to purchase pull-up underwear, adult diapers or a mix of the two for a variety of different situations and needs. Choosing the type of garment for your incontinence needs will come down to your comfort preferences, protection/absorbency needs and mobility level. For example, some styles are best-suited for those who will be primarily changed by a caregiver.

We carry these products by Molicare, Tranquility, Depends and more at CheapChux.com and can help you find the right size, fit and absorbency level for your needs. Most of these brands offer two or three absorbency levels and a variety of sizes in each style to suit every scenario.

Pull-Up Underwear

Pull-up underwear, sometimes called protective underwear, is an adult care garment that is designed to look and feel very similar to traditional underwear. They typically feature a comfortable, form-fitting elastic waistband — much like regular underwear — and are generally equipped to handle moderate to heavy levels of incontinence. They are also often specially designed to suit the unique anatomy of men and women, so you’ll get a more comfortable fit. Many options, such as Tranquility Premium OverNight Underwear, can be worn throughout the night without leaks.

Pros of Pull-Up Underwear:

  • Look and feel like traditional underwear
  • They’re easier to change than adult diapers
  • They’re often less bulky than adult diapers, so they’re more discreet
  • They’re made with cloth-like materials, so they’re quieter
  • Appropriate for those with moderate to heavy incontinence
  • Most have breathable panels and anti-leak guards

Adult Diapers

Adult diapers, also known as disposable briefs, are the old standard when it comes to incontinence garments. They are ideal for those who prefer a snug, adjustable fit because they feature side fasteners that apply from front to back. This is the style to choose for adults with limited mobility, because they feature refastening tabs that allow caregivers to change them without complete clothing removal. Unlike pull-up underwear, they can be changed while the patient is sitting or lying down. Additionally, you can purchase adult diapers for sensitive skin (like Molicare Premium Soft Extra Briefs) to keep skin comfortable. If you prefer the comfort and feel of adult underwear but like the idea of easy removal for caregivers, you may choose underwear with tear-away sides.

Pros of Adult Diapers:

  • They often feature a wetness indicator to let you know when to change
  • They have refastenable tape tabs for more adjustments and a better fit
  • Tear-away sides are easier for caregivers to change
  • Appropriate for overnight wear, as they’re typically more absorbent
  • Appropriate for heavy to severe incontinence

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