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What Incontinence Product Do I Need?

Posted by Courtney Sant on

What Incontinence Product Do I Need?

Bladder control products aren’t one-size-fits-all, and finding the appropriate products for your unique needs is an essential part of managing your incontinence and preventing leaks, odors and embarrassment. There are different types of incontinence solutions for men and women as well as types designed specifically to suit your comfort preferences and flow. Here’s a breakdown of the most common types of incontinence products:

  • Liners — Thin, discreet pads that can be placed in the underwear to add a thin barrier
  • Pads — Thicker pads for placing in your underwear for moderate urine loss
  • Briefs — Pull-on incontinence products similar to diapers but feel more like underwear
  • Guards — Male incontinence products which are contoured to fit around the male anatomy
  • Shields — Similar to incontinence pads, but feature hip straps for added support
  • Adult diapers — Built with adhesive tape for fastening and provide complete protection for heavy fecal and urinary incontinence
  • Underpads — Highly absorbent pads that protect bedding, furniture and mattresses

Incontinence Products for Women

Choosing the right incontinence product really comes down to your flow. If you’re experiencing moderate incontinence and like the convenience of being able to change out a pad whenever you go to the restroom, incontinence pads and liners are probably the most appropriate. If you have a heavier flow, we recommend trying out a women’s pull-on adult diaper with maximum absorbency properties. Additionally, you can purchase overnight adult incontinence briefs if you’re experiencing heavier incontinence at night. It’s important that you do not use menstrual pads for incontinence, because they aren’t made for the same level of liquid absorbency.

Women’s incontinence products made by brands such as Depend and Prevail offer incontinence briefs and underwear designed fit the unique shape of a woman. Features such as oval-cut leg openings help prevent side leaks, while soft, cloth-like fabric makes you feel just like you’re wearing regular underwear. Women’s adult diapers typically feature a more stretchy and comfortable waistline with a more form-fitting feel that won’t bunch of rustle beneath your clothing.

Incontinence Products for Men

Guards are by far the most popular type of men’s incontinence products because they’re specifically designed for the male anatomy. That means fewer leaks and fewer adjustments throughout the day. Most incontinence guards are slimmer and can be worn with regular briefs for all-day comfort. Products such as Depend Real Fit Briefs for Men are made with cloth-like fabric for discreet, comfortable wear all day long. Many men’s incontinence briefs and guards have specially designed leg elastics and anti-leak cuffs to ensure premium odor and leak protection.

Some men don’t realize that incontinence pads are appropriate for men, as well. Specially designed incontinence pads, such as the Abena Abri-Man Male Incontinence Pads, actually have a comfortable pouch design for providing discreet protection without limiting your mobility. We recommend options such as this for those with minor to moderate urinary incontinence.

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