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Specialty Skin Care Wipes

Caregivers who need a quicker, easier way to bathe their patients turn to these specialty skin care wipes to get the solution they need. These wipes and wash cloths provide a convenient way to cleanse the skin without having to use a bathtub. Each one uses a no-rinse cleansing solution that rids the skin of bacteria and other foreign substances. This leaves behind clean, fresh and healthy skin without any mess or added cleanup afterwards. Instead, cleaning time can be cut dramatically by using these wipes only in needed areas or for the whole body.

At Cheap Chux, these wet wipes and cheap adult washcloths have become some of our most popular incontinence products. When using a diaper, the wipes make cleanup incredibly easy for both patients and caregivers. For those who might not be able to practice the best hygiene due to mobility issues, the wipes and washcloths make good hygiene habits more accessible. Get the skin care wipes you need for affordable prices at Cheap Chux.