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Ultrasorb AP Premium Drypads ***** - CheapChux

Ultrasorb AP Premium Drypads *****

  • $80.99

Air-Permeable, moisture-proof backsheet provides superior skin dryness and comfort. Advanced thermo-bonded SuperCore wicks moisture away from the skin and locks fluid away for increased patient dignity and better skin care. Super absorbent - one Ultrasorbs AP equals the absorbency of three or more traditional underpads. Exceptional odor control. High-strength pad and film provide exceptional resistance to tearing and resulting linen changes.

Item# Size Case Quantity Price Per Case
ultrasorb1016 10" X 16" 100 Each $80.99
ultrasorb2436 24" X 36" 70 Each $104.99
ultrasorb3136 30" X 36" 40 Each $100.99

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