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Tranquility TrimShield Pads - Incontinence Pads - CheapChux

Tranquility TrimShield Pads - Incontinence Pads

  • $9.99

For Light Protection

For discreet and convenient pads that can be worn with regular underwear, choose Tranquility TrimShield pads. Unlike some of the other liners and booster pads meant to be worn with Tranquility diapers, these incontinence pads can be worn with regular underwear._ The high moisture capacity of 7 fluid ounces or more ensures that a few pads can keep you comfortable and dry throughout the day. And by keeping wetness away from skin, these pads also help increase comfort and reduce irritation.

Choose from two sizes of Tranquility TrimShield pads when you order at Cheap Chux: Mini or Super-Plus. You can also set up a subscription to get automatic deliveries right to your door to ensure that you never run out of these reliable incontinence products. Plus, by ordering from Cheap Chux you're sure to get the best price on these and other healthcare needs.

Item# Style Size Capacity Package Quantity Price Per Pack Case Quantity Price Per Case
2080 Mini 10.5"x3" 7.0 Fluid oz. 25 Each $9.99 200 Each $58.99
2083 Super-Plus 11.75"x4" 8.0 Fluid oz. 25 Each $16.99 125 Each $59.99

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