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Thick-It Decaffeinated Coffee Honey Consistency 64 oz case of 4

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Trusted by doctors, speech-language pathologists, and dietitians since 1987, Thick-It brings you AquaCareH2O Beverages, an entire line of ready-to-drink, thickened beverages for those with swallowing difficulties. AquaCareH2O Beverages are made with Artesian mineral water from 600 feet below ground, which results in thickened beverages that look and taste natural. AquaCareH2O Beverages meet the National Dysphagia Guidelines for nectar- and honey-like consistencies, and will not over thicken. AquaCareH2O Beverages offers those with dysphagia a variety of enjoyable beverage options while allowing caregivers to confidently give their loved ones the nutritional care they need and deserve.

Manufacturer # B472

Brand Thick-It AquaCareH2O
Manufacturer Kent Precision Foods
Application Thickened Decaffeinated Beverage
Calories per Serving 0 Calories

Consistency Honey

Container Size 64 oz.

Container Type Bottle

Flavor Coffee

Preparation Type Ready to Use

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