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Skin Sake Ointment

  • $5.99

Skin Sake Ointment

Skin Sake Ointment is a highly effective formula that soothes and treats skin breakdown, pressure sores, and incontinent rashes, while helping prevent future occurrences. Skin Sake is fast-acting and protects the skin from future irritation while helping the body to heal itself. It has been very popular in nursing homes, hospitals, hospice, and home health agencies for its competitive pricing and broad range of uses for a variety of skin breakdown causes.

Skin Sake is powerful enough to use as a treatment for established cases, but cost effective enough to use daily for prevention. Available in 2g unit doses and 2.5 oz tubes, it is also convenient for nurses to carry with them as they make their rounds.

Available in two sizes.

Item# Size Case Quantity Price Per Case
8372900004 2.5 oz Tube Each $5.99
8372900004 2.5 oz tube 12 Each $59.99

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