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Simplicity Garment Liners

  • $9.99

Simplicity brand garment liners for adult incontinence have an absorbent and slim-fitting design for undetectable wear under cloths. The stay-dry facing on this smartly designed addition to our line of Simplicity incontinence products at Cheap Chux will protect your skin against wetness and redness. The sturdy double adhesive strips secure your liners in place, so there's no slipping during your busy day. Choose a disposable garment liner that offers light, moderate or heavy incontinence protection. Millions experience urinary incontinence with causes ranging from a sudden loss of bladder control caused by laughter or sneezing to heavier incontinence caused by medications, aging, pregnancy or other causes. At Cheap Chux, we offer disposable incontinence briefs, liners, pads, diapers and accessories for every level of incontinence. We negotiate the lowest prices on premium brands, and we offer automatic shipments of replacement supplies. If you have questions about what product or combination of products will work best for you or a loved one being cared for at home, ask our friendly experts. We have incontinence products in youth sizes, too.
Item# Absorbency Size Package Quantity Price Per Pack Case Quantity Price Per Case
1530 Light 4.5" X 14" 25 Each $9.99 125 Each $39.99
965B20 Light 6.5" X 17" 20 Each $9.99 200 Each $39.99
635A Moderate 7" X 17" 25 Each $9.99 200 Each $52.99
931B24 Heavy 10" X 24" 24 Each $13.99 144 Each $61.99

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