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Pillow Paws Terries XL Adult

Pillow Paws Terries XL Adult

  • $11.99

These double-imprint Pillow Paws brand slipper socks from Cheap Chux in size adult XL (shoe sizes 7 1/2 to 10) have slip-resistant tread on both the top and bottom of each sock to ensure twice the ability of these socks to make contact with the floor. No matter how you put on your Pillow Paws slipper socks, you can confidently navigate your way without fear of falling, making these socks the go-to choice for recovering patients.

Unisex Pillow Paws socks also have the slip-resistant tread printed on the smooth side, not the textured side, of the terry cloth sock material. When you do this, the ink puffs to remain a prominent non-slip feature of the sock versus printing the ink on the fuzzy textured side that can cause the ink to disappear in the textured terry loop fibers. Each sock's trademarked Komfort Kuff is a less restrictive cuff designed to reduce bruising and decreased blood flow at the ankle. All terry cloth Pillow Paws slipper socks are color coded by size. These XXL Pillow Paws are tan. We also carry adult (teal blue), adult XXL (gray), and adult XXXL bariatric-style (extra-wide red).

Item Size Sock Color

XL Adult 7_-10 Tan

Item# Package Quantity Price Per Pack
1097-001 1 Pair $11.99
1097-001 Bundle 2 Pairs $13.99
1097-001 Bundle 3 Pairs $15.99

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