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McKesson Four-Layer Compression Bandage System

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McKesson Four-Layer Compression Bandaging System
Superior bandaging system for optimum compression and absorbency in managing venous ulcer therapy.

Layer One: Non-woven padding is composed of a blend of synthetic materials that absorbs wound exudate. This highly comfortable layer primarily provides protection to bony prominences.

Layer Two: Crepe bandage which anchors and smoothes the padding layer while absorbing exudate.

Layer Three: Light compression bandage that conforms to any contour while providing about one-half the compression of the system.

Layer Four: Not Made with Natural Rubber Latex cohesive bandage that sticks to itself and secures the bandages without tape for week-long compression.

Bandage Dimensions: Padding Bandage - 4" x 3.8 yds. unstretched. Crepe Bandage - 4" x 4.9 yds. stretched.

Compression Bandage - 4" x 9.5 yds. stretched. Cohesive Bandage - 4" x 6.5 yds. stretched.


Do not use for patients with an ankle circumference of less than 18cm.

Not made with natural rubber latex.

Manufacturer item number 1008

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