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Lantiseptic Therapeutic Cream

Lantiseptic Therapeutic Cream

  • $13.99

Summit Industries Lantiseptic Therapeutic Cream Tube, Highly Effective

Lantiseptic Therapeutic Cream features superior emolliency and moisturizing qualities that make it highly effective in protecting and maintaining vulnerable diabetic skin. It has proven to be extremely effective on dry, cracked, reddened skin on hands and feet, cracked heels and fissures on feet and other delicate skin areas.

  • Lantiseptic Therapeutic Cream is made from high level of purified and natural lanolin.
  • Helps keep the thickened skin of foot calluses from becoming hard and brittle.
  • Can dramatically affect the quality of care for diabetic patients.
  • Helps maintain skin integrity.
  • Encourages skin's proper moisture balance.
  • Supports body's natural healing process.
Item# Size Package Quantity Price Per Pack Bundle Quantity Price Per Bundle Case Quantity Price Per Case
LS0410 4 oz Tube 1 Each $13.99 3 Each $19.99 12 Each $54.99

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