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Abena Abri-San Premium Pads, Number 8

  • $26.99

When it comes to finding the right incontinence products, capacity is key. Fortunately, Abena Abri-San premium incontinence pads make it easy to get the customized moisture protection you need. These number 8 pads are part of a line of Abena incontinence pads ranging from 1 to 12 in capacity levels and sizes. The higher numbers equate to higher capacity, making these Abena Abri-San premium incontinence level 8 pads a great choice for moderate to heavy incontinence. Leak guards keep moisture in place in each pad, which can absorb up to 84.5 fluid ounces. And since the fit is designed to be flexible and comfortable, it's ideal for those who lead an active lifestyle.

Choose these Abena Abri-San number 8 pads to get the security, mobility and comfort you want for incontinence management. AMF Incontinence offers these pads by the case for added savings. Plus, our low prices ensure that you save every time you stock up on your favorite incontinence products.

Item# Size Capacity Package Quantity Price Per Pack Case Quantity Price Per Case
9382 14" x 25" 84.5 oz 21 Each $26.99 84 Each $83.99

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