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Wound Cleansing

When caring for a wound, the cleansing step is perhaps the most important when it comes to dressing the site. The right cleanser will help decrease the bacterial load or bioburden on the wound surface while also flushing away wound debris and dead cells. At the same time, caregivers ultimately look for a wound cleansing formula that also helps to reduce discomfort for their patients. These wound care products include all of these important characteristics. Each one is designed to make sure wound cleaning is fast, effective and as pain-free as possible. With their no-rinse formulas, these products allow for hassle-free and mess-free cleaning that removes all harmful substances without having to irritate the wound area any further.

At Cheap Chux, we make it easy to find the products you need for proper wound care. In addition to our wound cleansing products, you can also browse our site to find wound dressings, hydrophilic barrier gels and more.