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Wet/Dry Wipes

If you deal with incontinence on a daily basis, wet wipes are a must-have item. At Cheap Chux, we offer a selection of the best wet wipe products to ensure you stay clean and dry. You'll love that there are so many varieties from which to choose. Whether you want wipes with a touch of aloe, those that come in a convenient dispenser box or wipes which can be flushed, you'll find what you need when you search on our site.

Those who use wet wipes daily know that softness and texture is essential. The wipes and disposable washcloths at Cheap Chux have all been selected for their ability to be used on sensitive skin. These wipes get the job done quickly and easily, reducing irritation to your skin. That means you'll feel more comfortable every day and spend less time on clean up. To get wet wipes that are a favorite among both users and caregivers, choose any of these reliable products.