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Wellness Excelerator Booster Pad

Wellness Excelerator Booster Pad

  • $52.99

Key Features:

1. Enhanced Absorbency: Experience a new level of confidence with the Excelerators Booster Pads, engineered to provide superior liquid retention and absorption. These pads offer an extra layer of security, ensuring dryness and comfort throughout the day.

2. Odor Control Technology: Excelerators Booster Pads feature advanced odor control technology, neutralizing and locking away unpleasant odors, allowing you to go about your day confidently and discreetly.

3. They utilize the same Award- Winning NASA Inspired InconTek® technology as The Wellness Absorbent Underwear and Brief by pulling liquid away from the skin using SPEEDSORB® technology and then locking it in a separate layer by using a specialized process called Liquistay®.

4. 4X More absorbent than standard booster pads

Why Choose Unique Wellness Excelerators Booster Pads?

Our booster pads stand out for their exceptional quality, reliability, and commitment to providing unparalleled comfort and protection. Backed by extensive research and development, these pads are a testament to innovation in the field of absorbent products. 

Item# Case Quantity Price Per Case
UW9375 160 Each $52.99

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