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"Pull-ups" or "Pull-ons" are absorbent protective underwear that lets the user pull them on and off like regular underwear. This helps to make them more comfortable and discreet, and allows users to engage in regular activities. Available with different levels of absorbency for occasional to heavy incontinence, the children and adult diapers here at Cheap Chux have features like breathable materials, multiple layers, moisture wicking properties, elastic waistbands, leg gathers and pH-balanced odor control. Depending on the style, some have tear-away sides so the diaper can be quickly pulled off, rather than having to remove clothing. You'll find adult pull-ons for both day and night use.

High-Quality Incontinence Products from Industry Leaders

We only carry the finest incontinence supplies from the top manufacturers in the business. You'll find company names such as Tranquility, Abena Abri-Flex, Tena, Prevail, Attends and Huggies. They're all experts in creating products that keep people of all ages who suffer from incontinence comfortable and protected.

Pull-Ups Features for Maximum Protection

Among the different styles of pull-on adult diapers, you'll find different levels of absorbency and various features. There is protective underwear that's latex free for sensitive skin. Breathable materials will make the diaper feel lighter, as well as allow for improved air flow. This leads to less risk of skin irritation and rashes. Multiple layers and moisture-wicking properties transfers wetness away from the patient, keeping them dry and comfortable. Soft elastic around the waist makes them easier to pull on and off, while maintaining a close, secure fit. See the charts on each product page for the item numbers, available sizes and other information. Some disposable diapers will indicate fluid capacity.

Certain types of adult pull-ups and children's absorbent underwear are recommended for nighttime use and extended wear. These can handle moderate to heavy incontinence and are also effective at protecting bedding and furniture. There are men's, women's, youth and unisex styles. The absorbent youth pants are specially designed for children.