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Swimmates by Tranquility

  • $15.99

Whether swimming for fun, aqua therapy or exercise, all of these activities become harder when bowel incontinence is an issue. For those who want to enjoy the simple pleasure of swimming worry-free, Swimmates by Tranquility offers an easy and discreet solution. These adult swim diapers come in a range of sizes to ensure a snug, comfortable fit. The form-fitting cut ensures that these disposable swim diapers aren't bulky under bathing suits, either. Meanwhile, they can be pulled up and down as needed. Convenient features like color coding for the front and back and tear-away side seams also make them easier to use.

Swimmates by Tranquility are available by the pack or case. In addition, it's easy to set up automatic deliveries for regular shoppers. Cheap Chux offers our customers the best prices on high-quality swim diapers and other care needs.
Item# Size Waist/Hip Weight Package Quantity Price Per Pack Case Quantity Price Per Case
2844 Small 22"-36" 80-125 lbs. 22 Each $15.99 88 Each $56.95
2845 Medium 34"-48" 120-175 lbs. 20 Each $15.99 80 Each $56.95
2846 Large 44"-54" 170-210 lbs. 18 Each $15.99 72 Each $56.95
2847 X-Large 48"-66" 210-250 lbs. 14 Each $15.99 56 Each $56.95
2848 XXL-Plus 62"-80" 250+ lbs. 12 Each $15.99 48 Each $56.95

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