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Thera Products

If you work with someone who is bedbound or recovering from surgery, THERA skin care products can provide the protection against sores and wounds that you're looking for. This advanced skin care line uses comprehensive solutions to protect and treat compromised skin. It is designed for use in clinical or home care settings, making it a versatile option for caregivers. For those prone to bed sores or looking to heal their wounds faster, THERA's foaming body cleansers and body shield products help skin stay clean and strong.

THERA skin care products are also helpful for those dealing with incontinence issues. Exposure to excess moisture can cause skin to become irritated or even painful. In these cases, using THERA body shield products can provide a protective barrier against moisture to make sure skin stays smooth and dry. At Cheap Chux, you'll find a variety of THERA lotions, creams, cleansers and protectants to keep skin healthy.