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Sarna Original Skin Lotion

  • $12.99

Sarna Original

Two Active Ingredients

Fast-acting SARNA Original lotion contains menthol (0.5%) and camphor (0.5%) to cool and soothe itch while moisturizing the skin. It is designed to relieve the itch associated with general itch, dry skin, insect bites, sunburn and poison ivy/oak/sumac. And because it?s steroid free, it?s safe to use daily.


  • Fast Acting
  • Moisturizing
  • Steroid-Free
  • Safe for Daily Use
  • Best for Itch From: Dry Skin, Insect Bites, Sunburn, Poison Ivy/Oak/Sumac, Winter Itch

Available in one size.

Item# Size Package Quantity Price Per Pack
1159847 7.5 oz 1 Each $12.99

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