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Seni Active Super Plus Unisex Adult Absorbent Underwear 2X-Large Disposable Heavy Absorbency

  • $25.99

Seni Active Super Plus Unisex Adult Absorbent Underwear 2X-Large - Disposable Heavy Absorbency

Upgrade your incontinence care with Seni Active Super Plus disposable underwear, specially designed to meet the needs of active individuals and those undergoing physical rehabilitation. Enjoy unparalleled comfort, discreet wear, and reliable protection with these innovative features:

  1. Perfect for Active Lifestyles: Tailored for individuals leading active lives or engaging in physical rehabilitation, Seni Active Super Plus ensures comfort and flexibility.

  2. Ideal for Heavy Incontinence and Overnight Use: Providing maximum absorbency, these disposable underwear are perfect for heavy incontinence and offer reliable overnight protection.

  3. Discreet and Comfortable: Worn just like regular underwear, Seni Active Super Plus prioritizes discretion and exceptional comfort for everyday useSuitable for Bladder Training: Ideal for individuals undergoing bladder training, these underwear offer reliable protection and discretion.

  4. Breathable Outer Layer: The fully breathable outer layer allows humidity to evaporate, promoting a skin-friendly microclimate for ultimate comfort.

  5. High Absorbency Core: The absorbent core provides excellent moisture retention, ensuring a feeling of dryness throughout use.

  6. Superabsorbent Technology: Locks in moisture to prevent skin irritation, reduces bacterial growth, and effectively contains odors for enhanced hygiene.

  7. Hydrophobic Standing Side Gathers: Strategically designed side gathers offer improved protection against leaks.

  8. Elastic Leg Cuffs: Ensure a perfect fit and prevent any potential discomfort during wear.

  9. Extra Dry System (EDS) Non-Woven Layer: Enables quick and effective absorption, enhancing overall performance.

  10. Soft and Delicate Materials: Crafted with care, Seni Active Super Plus ensures maximum comfort through soft, delicate materials and a perfect finish.

  11. Discreet Disposal: Thanks to a special tape on the back of each product, disposal is both discreet and hygienic.

  12. Easy Removal: Tear-away side seams make removing the underwear simple and hassle-free.

Choose Seni Active Super Plus for a superior disposable underwear experience that combines advanced technology with thoughtful design, providing the comfort and confidence you deserve.

Item# Size Waist Absorbency Package Quantity Price Per Pack Case Quantity Price Per Case
S-2X12-AP1 2 X-Large 62"-80" Heavy. 12 Each $25.99 48 Each $78.99

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