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Tranquility Essentials

Most Select products have now been replaced by Tranquility Essentials. Created by makers of Tranquility, one of the most prominent brands in home medical supplies, these Select incontinence products are sure to make life easier for both users and caregivers. Dealing with incontinence is easy when you have these products handy. Select disposable briefs and booster pads are made with the wearer's health in mind. The materials are breathable yet highly absorbent, which helps to prevent skin irritation from excessive exposure to moisture. Meanwhile, they're also incredibly soft and quiet, so you can go about your day without feeling embarrassed.

At Cheap Chux, we offer a selection of the most popular products from this trusted brand. Select disposable briefs and belted undergarments are easy to put on and can be worn for longer periods of time. For lighter coverage, Select pads can be worn comfortably while out and about. Meanwhile, Select underpads make it easy to protect furniture from accidental leaks. Choose from these high-quality Select products to make dealing with incontinence easy and affordable.