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Sage Products

For the most delicate, irritated skin, you need cleansing solutions that are both gentle and effective. These wipes and wash cloths from Sage offer this type of gentle care for sensitive skin. Each of these Sage skin care products has a soothing formula that helps to keep skin clean and moisturized. With Sage's convenient wipes and wash cloths, caregivers also get a more convenient way to provide the protection and relief needed for issues related to incontinence or other health challenges. Cleansing options like Sage Comfort Bath also include no-rinse formulas that cut down on cleansing time while also being gentler on fragile skin. You'll even be able to wash and condition the hair with no-rinse, mess-free Sage Shampoo Caps.

Thanks to Sage bath products, even patients who struggle with mobility and balance can get the care they need. Simple wipes, wash cloths and shower caps make it easy to cleanse, hydrate and protect the patient from issues related to skin irritation or poor hygiene. Plus, it allows caregivers to spend less time with washing and cleanup. Find the Sage skin care products you need at Cheap Chux.