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Proshield Products

When incontinence causes skin care troubles, Proshield skin care products can provide the relief and healing needed. These creams, cleansers and sprays make it easier to deal with common incontinence-related issues, such as diaper rash or skin breakdown. Each product offers soothing relief from discomfort associated with these skin care challenges. For patients, it alleviates pain and soothes sensitive areas. Meanwhile, caregivers appreciate that application is made easy with greaseless creams, convenient spray bottles and no-rinse cleansing solutions. In addition to making product application faster, it also makes the process easier on the patient since the skin is only minimally touched.

Proshield skin care products offer an affordable and simple way to treat skin care issues in the most sensitive areas. They also help to prevent future skin breakdown and irritation by keeping the skin clean, dry and nourished. Choose from these reliable and effective Proshield products when you shop at Cheap Chux.

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