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Dynarex Products

While many brands offer the briefs and pads needed for adult incontinence, they may not offer everything you need for complete and convenient at-home care. That's where Dynarex comes in. This trusted brand is one of the best go-to sources for incontinence accessories, including underpads and flushable wipes. These items may not be quite as readily available as adult diapers, but they are just as important if you're dealing with incontinence on a daily basis.

Dynarex underpads are incredibly economical, making it easy to protect furniture and mattresses without breaking the bank. Meanwhile, Dynarex flushable personal wipes make cleanup quick, easy and pain-free, especially for those with sensitive skin. A favorite among patients and caregivers alike, Dynarex products are designed to maintain the comfort and dignity of the person dealing with incontinence. And when you buy your Dynarex incontinence supplies at Cheap Chux, you get affordable prices on small or bulk orders.