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While diapers and pads can help manage your incontinence, you might not want to wear them all the time. For protecting against minor leaks and accidents, consider using these affordable Chux pad underpads from Cheap Chux. We offer a quick and easy way to protect the surfaces in your home, whether it's your floors, your furniture or your mattress. Just slide these underpads on and enjoy the confidence of not having to worry about potential messes. We have top brands like Tranquility and Medline bed pads. Just slide these chux pads over a mattress to protect your bedding. Choose from sizes up to 30 inches by 36 inches. Caregivers often choose underpads 30 x 36 in addition to adult incontinence diapers to provide extra protection.

You can find discreet small pads, or cover a substantial surface with our larger pads. Disposable underpads are available in a wide range of sizes on our site. You can find discreet small pads or cover a substantial surface with our larger pads. Cheap Chux bed pads, disposable or reusable, are especially popular for those who experience occasional nighttime leakage. These are also popular for caregivers who want to provide a little extra protection for those with bladder issues. We're confident that you'll find the perfect Chux underpads for your needs when you shop at Cheap Chux.

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