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Dignity Products - Hartmann

Hartmann, the makers of Molicare also manufacture these great products!

Created by the makers of Hartmann diapers, these Dignity adult incontinence supplies offer the same reliability and quality you've come to expect from that trusted brand. Hartmann has become known as a leader in this field thanks to both their Molicare and Dignity lines. With Dignity products, you'll find a unique selection of briefs, pads and other incontinence accessories that fit with an active lifestyle. These are great choices for individuals who don't want their incontinence issues to hold them back from a fun and exciting life.

In addition to more traditional adult pull-ons and absorbent underwear, Dignity offers a few unique products that offer new and exciting options for those struggling with incontinence. For example, Dignity's washable men's boxers have a classic look and feel just like normal boxers. However, there is a special floating moisture-proof pouch hidden inside to hold pads or liners in place. Dignity also offers bariatric briefs with zoned super absorbency for maximum protection. You can find these and other innovative Hartmann, Molicare and Dignity products at great prices when you shop at Cheap Chux.