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Cleansing Products for Skin and Hair

When you're providing care for someone with limited mobility or other health issues, it can be difficult to provide a truly thorough cleanse. Sponge baths aren't always effective, especially if the right products aren't used. To make skin and hair cleaning easier, Cheap Chux offers this selection of some of the most effective and convenient cleansing solutions. Each of these skin and hair products is formulated to make cleanup easy and mess-free. Most are no-rinse cleansers that can be quickly and easily used while still cleaning areas of the body thoroughly, and some even come in a spray or wipe form for easier application. For certain skin care challenges, you'll also find cleansers that are designed to moisturize the skin or remove bacteria.

This selection of products makes it easy to find the products that meet the needs of both the caregiver and the patient. Plus, they come from trusted brands like Remedy, Convatec, Proshield and Ca-Rezz. Find skin and hair cleansers at affordable prices at Cheap Chux.