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Ca-rezz Products

With a line of products formulated specifically for incontinence-related skin care struggles, Ca-Rezz is a popular choice for both patients and caregivers. This skin care system can be used to treat, heal, nourish and protect the skin. Customers can use cleansers and creams for the gentlest care on these sensitive skin areas. Diaper rash and other skin irritations caused by incontinence can cause discomfort, but Ca-Rezz skin care products offer relief through moisturizing creams and calming cleansers. For example, Ca-Rezz Gentle Wash is a convenient no-rinse solution that removes infectious microorganisms with a pH-balanced formula that is gentle on fragile skin. This careful approach can be found in each of Ca-Rezz's effective skin care products.

For caregivers, Ca-Rezz products make it easy to treat sensitive, delicate skin without causing discomfort. Plus, easy application helps to cut down on time spent on skin care. Choose from a variety of Ca-Rezz incontinence care products at Cheap Chux.

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