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Attends Products

Economical pricing makes Attends breathable briefs and pads stand out from the rest. We have Attends diapers and Attends briefs in the most popular sizes and styles for men and women. Find your size in Attends underwear and our best-selling overnight Attends breathable briefs for superior protection. For occasional incontinence, try Attends' ultra-thin liners or bladder control pads. Find the perfect fit for any situation. Whether you want Attends breathable briefs for overnight wear, ultra-thin liners for running quick errands or bladder control pads for the ultimate leak protection, you'll get the best deal when you order these reliable products from Cheap Chux.

Our selection of Attends adult incontinence underwear for adults includes a number of features that make these an exceptional choice for incontinence products. Attends adult diapers feature a mix of cellulose and polymer fibers. Meanwhile, triple-tier systems are used in many of the brands diapers to help lock moisture away from the skin while pH-reducing fibers eliminate odors. Attends diapers and pad are easy to use and incredibly effective, making them a favorite among users and caregivers alike. You'll find your favorite Attends underwear and other home medical supplies at great prices when you shop at Cheap Chux.