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Antimicrobial Skin Care Products

When the skin is exposed to bacteria, infections and skin breakdown are at a greater risk. To make sure skin stays protected select one of these gentle yet effective cleansing solutions from Cheap Chux. These simple cleansers are formulated to thoroughly wash away any substances that could lead to bacterial growth, including urine and feces. For those who deal with incontinence, these washes ensure that sensitive areas remain clean and healthy.

At Cheap Chux, we offer antimicrobial skin care products from a number of trusted medical brands. With options available from well-known names like THERA, Remedy and Coloplast, caregivers can feel confident that they are using a cleanser that is safe and effective. These products are also made to make washing easy and pain-free through the use of no-rinse solutions and convenient sprays. To find the right antimicrobial cleansers, browse this collection of reliable products from Cheap Chux.