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Abena Slip Premium Adult Briefs - Adult Diaper- Completely Breathable *Level 1*

Abena Slip Premium Adult Briefs - Adult Diaper- Completely Breathable *Level 1*

  • $45.99

Introducing the Abena Slip Premium Adult Briefs Level 1, available at Cheap Chux. These heavy absorbency adult diapers offer unparalleled comfort and protection, designed for moderate to heavy incontinence needs.

Crafted with a cloth-like backing and elastic gathers, these briefs offer a secure, yet comfortable fit suitable for both men and women. The anatomically shaped design ensures a tailored, noiseless experience for wearers, promoting discretion and confidence.

Featuring 100% breathability, these fully breathable briefs prioritize healthy skin by providing optimum comfort. The soft, noiseless materials and optimal leakage protection ensure reliability and discretion throughout wear. Soft leakage barriers, extending to the edges, and built-in cross barriers at the rear ensure enhanced protection against leaks.

Benefit from the unique Top Dry system providing rapid absorption and a consistently dry surface. The briefs boast excellent absorption capabilities, accommodating up to 2500 mL of fluid, ensuring long-lasting dryness and comfort.

Equipped with flexible tape, adhesive, and hooks, these refastenable tabs allow for easy adjustments and repositioning, optimizing convenience for caregivers. The wetness indicator with a graduation scale provides a visual cue, facilitating efficient management by indicating capacity use.

Experience superior comfort and protection with the Abena Slip Premium Adult Briefs Level 1 from Cheap Chux, offering unparalleled absorbency and reliability for those in need of dependable incontinence care.

    Item# Size Waist/Hip Capacity Package Quantity Price Per Pack Case Quantity Price Per Case
    1000021289 Large 39"-59" 84.54 Fluid oz. 26 Each $45.99 104 Each $163.99

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