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Abena Slip Junior

Abena Slip Junior

  • $35.99

Introducing Abena Slip Junior, now available at Cheap Chux - your trusted source for top-notch incontinence solutions. Specifically designed for children and teenagers aged 5-15, these heavy absorbency youth incontinence briefs come in an X-Small size, fitting hip ranges from 15.8 to 23.6 inches, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit.

Crafted to offer premium bladder protection, these briefs prioritize 100% breathability, promoting healthy skin and ensuring maximum comfort for the young wearer. The cloth-like backing delivers a discreet appearance resembling everyday underwear, promoting confidence and dignity.

Featuring a non-woven sub-layer for swift absorption and strong curved elastics, these briefs ensure a snug fit, allowing children to move freely without worry. Additionally, the refastenable tabs equipped with flexible tape, adhesive, and hooks enable easy adjustments for caregivers, ensuring comfort and convenience in caregiving.

Enhanced with a wetness indicator featuring a graduation scale, caregivers can easily monitor and manage the child's needs. Choose the dependable Abena Slip Junior from Cheap Chux, offering an absorbency level of up to 1500 mL. Tailored for caregivers assisting children with incontinence, these briefs provide reliable protection, fostering comfort and confidence for both the young individual and their caregivers.

Item# Size Waist/Hip Capacity Package Quantity Price Per Pack Case Quantity Price Per Case
1000021279 X-Smal
19 1/2-24 in 51 Fluid oz 32 Each 35.99 128 Each $120.99

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